Even before Meghan became famous playing Rachel Zane on Suits, staying in shape was her number-one priority. Her mom, Doria, is a yoga teacher and Meghan was taught from an early age the importance of looking after her body (not just for physical health but also for her mental well-being).

As Meghan explained to Shape magazine a few years ago, “You have to find a workout routine that really speaks to you beyond trying to get goals for your body. So for me, running, I need it as much like for my head and clearing my head as I do for keeping in shape.”

Jogging is something Meghan has always been passionate about. It’s something she would often do with her best friend in Toronto, Marcus Anderson, and it’s always been a great way for her to de-stress from the demanding hours of her work.

But after moving to London at the end of last year to prepare for life as a future duchess, hitting the trails in public, where paparazzi can easily be lurking in the bushes, is not an easy feat.

While her new home is in an ideal location on the edge of Hyde Park (a place where many A-list celebrities like to exercise when they are in the city), not even a baseball cap disguise her increasingly high-profile identity. An inside treadmill remains an option to burn off the stress, as is Vedic meditation, something Meghan has been trained in for a while.

Within the safety of home, Meghan likes to watch workouts online (she’s admitted to being a big fan of Tracey Anderson), which she can dip in and out of depending on her schedule. “[I] do little 15-minute increments… Just find those little bits of time that help, and at the end of the day, you’ve had a full workout!” she explained to Shape.

At Y7, Levey explains, “We use the beat of the music to drive the breath. So we practice one breath to one movement. We use a slower beat when we are beginning in class and as the class ramps up, the beat gets faster and we are timing your breath with that so you are really moving and its fun!”

London has a slightly less progressive workout scene, so in lieu of a hip-hop yoga studio Meghan has been making secret visits to hot yoga near the palace. The studio is even kitted out with special lighting to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder to help improve mood during those rainy London days, an especially useful amenity for clients who grew up used to the Californian sun year-round.


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