As Snoop Dogg would say, “today’s the day to blaze up.”

If, however, legally partaking in 4:20 celebrations is not your thing, there’s an alternative approach to cannabis consumption even Hollywood’s most fashionable will approve: CBD oil. The cannabis-derived, nonpsychoactive (as in, you won’t feel any high here) ingredient has become a popular trend in the beauty industry in recent years. CBD oil is said to help with pain relief, anxiety and even contain anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties.

In fact, one A-list stylist uses it as a red carpet trick to soothe achy, stiletto-bound feet. In January, The New York Times‘ Bee Shapiro reported that Karla Welch, stylist to stars like Olivia WildeRuth Negga and Katy Perry, applies Lord Jones CBD lotionto her clients’ feet before they walk a big event.

“It’s perfect for long nights in high heels,” the stylist told The NYT. “All my girls love it, and bottles live in my styling kit.”

Olivia also used CBD oil to soothe her performance aches after working on Broadway. Thanks to beauty industry marketing, the ingredient has become more accessible. Renown facialist Ildi Pekar, who treats the visages of Miranda KerrIrina Shayk and other supermodels, produces a 100 percent natural Repair Serum infused with CBD oil. Today, to commemorate 4:20, Milk Makeup just launched a Kush Mascara that touts the ingredient.


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