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The Unstoppable Rise of Clean Beauty and the Celebs Betting Their Careers on the Movement: An Insider’s Look

Emma Watson knows the power of a press tour. Being that she’s spent half of her life on the Harry Potter circuit, it makes sense that she’s something of a prodigy in global promotion. So when it came time for another mega tour, this one for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, she came up with a genius side hustle.Her aim? To bring awareness to sustainable fashion and beauty. Her method? She exclusively wore green glam and gowns and showcased all the details of each look on a new Instagram account –a venture that had never been done before in Hollywood.

“That’s the kind of thing that’s actually revolutionary. To go out of your way on that scale, the effect will be a ripple in the industry,” reflects celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno.Indeed, while we’re already seeing an upshot—Anne Hathaway is currently promoting her latest flick Colossal with only sustainable fashions—it was really Watson’s decision to also include natural beauty brands that will surely have a major impact on the clean beauty

A Clean Break:

“Everything was done from [Emma’s] heart and basically it was about healing the beauty industry,” says celebrity makeup artist and RMS Beauty founder Rose-Marie Swift.  “She’s healing the beauty industry by finally speaking up and not wanting a huge paycheck attached, which is amazing.”

If you’re wondering why more stars haven’t been banging the drum for clean beauty, for one, as Swift mentioned, the movement is up against another, more powerful type of green: Money.

“A lot of celebrities are hoping they will get an Estée Lauder contract or get signed to Revlon. This is where all the big huge corporations have everybody by the balls—when it comes to being able to pay celebrities or to pay makeup artists. $3,000 to $5,000 a day to do a post—I’m self-financed, I can’t do that,” explains Rose.


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